Purified Water

Purified vs Cholorine

Pure drinking water helps to:
tone muscles an lubricate
joints remove body waste products reduce the risk
of high blood pressure reduce
the risk of cancer alleviate fatigue in liver, kidneys and
heart speed up recovery after illness promote bodily growth
and intelligence in children protect memory in adults
convert fatty deposits into energy, thereby improving
and maintaining weight loss reduce the problem of water retention

Cholorine is dangerous – Purified water is great for you: 
According to the US Council
Of Environmental Qaulity, the
risk of cancer to people
drinking chlorinated water
is 93% higher than to those whose water does not contain chlorine. We guarantee water which is 100% purified!

  One cannot get away from the impurities that tap water offers. If your health and the health of your children is important to you, you've got to make some decisions to ensure that you are not exposed to impurities that lead to poor health. n is important to you, you've got to make some decisions to ensure that you are not exposed to impurities that lead to poor health.
Absolutely Water offers purified water of the highest quality.

Our state of the art Reverse Osmosis (R/O) technology used in water purifiers is also used in NASA'S manned space programs. This technology was originally developed by the USA Government for use by their navy (for the desalination of seawater). Today, this technology is used in a variety of applications ranging from household water purifiers, bottling plants, to very large distillation installations that supply water to cities like Dubai for their daily water requirements.

The high technology for reverse osmosis received numerous praises, honours and approvals. In terms of quality, the purified water produced by R/O water purifiers is of the best available.


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Absolutely water products
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Absolutely Ice
Our ice maker is completely automatic. Ice is formed by progressive refrigeration of a film of water which flows on a refrigerated inclined plate. When the ice film attains the required thickness, a thermostat automatically releases the ice sheet which slides on to a cross-hatched network of low voltage wire. This network melts the ice, cutting the sheet into cubes.

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